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Hair Styling Tools

These are some of the styling products, hair tools, and accessories that we have come across.  Here you will find a review of many of these as well a instructions and some fresh ideas for using some you may have already purchased.
 I am not a hairstylist.  Please verify all advice given here with your hair care professional.  I am just a mom blessed with four girls that all have hair.  So far, there is a variety to each one and I have learned from others on the web and trial and error what works and doesn't work so well for their tresses.
No single tool, product, or hairstyle will work out exactly the same on two people.  The same hairdo on all 3 of my girls looks completely different just because their hair is different.  I LOVE THAT!!  Here are my "must haves" for hairstyling.
Tiny tangle-free elastics
Topsy Tail Tool
Leave In Conditioner
Rat Tail Comb
Spray Bottle filled with Water
Curl Gel or Mousse

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