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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Accessory Aisle: Headbands II

Skill level -4, Time Factor -3, Cuteness Factor -3
So last week I vowed to find a way to keep a headband in my lil' lady's hair.  I've decided to try to weave it in place.  Firefly's hair bob is just too short for me to try to weave something into it so I used Ruby's thick, wavy tresses instead.  She's got the curly locks rather than the straight strands that this style would be more suited for, but here goes.  You will need several elastics, based on the number of sections you'd like to make.  We made 6 across the front. Instructions are below each photo.
1- Begin by parting the hair from ear to ear.  Pull back the remainder of the hair into a ponytail elastic to keep it out of your way.

2- Divide the front hair in half and get one side out of your way.

3- Separate each half into three sections that you secure close to the scalp with elastics.

4- Here are our 6 sections across the front.

5- Now place the headband in the hair.  Split the front two ponies in half and cross your two front center pieces over each other forming an X.

6-Secure these X'ed ponies into an elastic.  Use just a small section of hair from the crown.  Secure it closely to the headband in order to hide it and to keep from having the "slide up lumps" when you tighten them.
NOTE:  I should have used the elastics we have that match her hair color in order to avoid the stark contrast.  You really want the pony elastics to not show.

7- Continue to divide, X, and secure from the middle out until you are left with one remaining outside tail at each ear.
  8- Grab one final elastic and have her pull her hair up off her neck and hold.

9- Secure this section with an elastic at the nape of her neck.
10- You should have something that looks like this.  As you can see, the elastics contrast too much and the headband is too dark for her hair color.  It should have been lighter.
Thanks for your patience, Ruby.  You are a jewel!!
Now go enjoy your day with your headband in place!
-The Homestylemom

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Accessory Aisle: Headbands

My girls, especially Firefly, love to wear headbands.  I may be stubborn as a mule, but I really hate headbands!  I go through the trouble to get their hair all smooth and silky and then I carefully arrange the headband in their heads and away we go.  Moments later, the headband is out, being played with or repositioned, and she looks like her hair was never combed today.  I want the girls to wear and enjoy the lovely accessories I take the time to create for them, but I won't sacrifice them having ratty looking hair for that.  I am working on some 'dos that will be headband AND mom friendly.  I'll get back with those as soon as I can.  In the meantime, here are some of the headbands I've been working on.
These are just the plain grosgrain-wrapped headbands with interchangeable loops.

And here are some with the bows permanently attached.  They are so delicate and sweet and look great in the girls' hair.  I just need them to stay in like the hairbows do! Maybe I'll have to weave them in place...hmm?
-The Homestylemom