Cute Hairstyles for Your Lil' Honey!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Wrapped Ponytail with Piggies for Medium Hair

Here is Ruby again and her hair is a jewel to work with for sure!  It is at a great length right now and I love to just play in it.  You may not have much time for playing in the morning if you are on your way out.  This 'do is sure to please Mama and girl with plenty of compliments heading your way. Skill level - 3, Time factor - 2, Cuteness - 4.  This is the new 5 point ratings scale I plan to use when sharing new 'dos with you.
Gather your toolbox and here we go.  You will need 5 elastics for this one. You can use wet or dry hair.
1-Bush hair until it is smooth and shiny.

2- Part hair: I am a side parter but the middle works great too.  If she has a cowlick, perfect, use that.

3- Separate out a section from each side of the part and secure each in an elastic.  Stay forward of the top of the ear.

4- Take a small section of hair from each of the ponies, wrap the pony and pull through using your finger or your TT.

5- Outta time?  You can stop here as this is a cute look too.  Still with me?  Well here we go.  Part out a great big section from the middle of the crown, smooth it with your brush.

6- Take the front 2 ponytails and add them to this section of hair from the crown.  Secure with your 3rd elastic band.

7- Once again, wrap this ponytail elastic with hair and secure inside itself using your favorite method.  This style is cute too.  Stop here if you like or continue on...

8- Part the remaining hair down the middle and secure with your two remaining elastics.  Be sure to divide the pony from above and include half in each pigtail section.  On your last time through you can pull the piggies only partway through.  This will make a nice, full fun look.  Or, you can pull through and allow them to hang the traditional way, depending on how long her hair is.
Here it is au natural...
Or, with the sweet little Boutique Bow Set that you can find here in my shop.
Now go enjoy your day together1
-The Homestylemom

Monday, November 3, 2008

Something Squirrely

This is another 'do for the lil' shorties out there.  We do alot of headbands with this cut too but I did want to show you another quick and spunky style that will get you out the door in no time. 1-Start by gathering your toolbox and parting the hair as shown.

2-Separate out your front two sections and secure with elastics.  You can do this with or without bangs.  Either way will look cute.

 3-Just behind the ear, separate out another 2 sections.  Include the hair from the front ponytail and secure each side with an elastic as shown below.
4- Insert the bows, ribbons or barrettes of your choosing.

5- And Voila!! A Perfectly spunky do for your precious little girl.
Enjoy your day together!
-The Homestylemom

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Playtime Piggies

Whoa! Those are some big ol' bows!! I love to sew and have purposed to set aside time for this beneficial and enjoyable activity.  I am introducing this skill to my girls as well.  Here you will find tutorials, tips, and pictures of projects I am currently working on as well as lovely finds from across the Web.  This is a Nemo themed set that I sewed for Firefly along with the bows I designed to accompany it.  The pattern for the top can be found here.  It is by Dainty Designs and it is completely adorable!  We took lots of pictures because I am planning to use this set as the photo on my business cards.  I took the pics without a shirt underneath because this October weather here in GA has been so HOT!

The Homestylemom

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Party Pigtails

I love my 2 little girls.  I love that they are girls.  I love that they play with girls... That is precisely what they are GIRLS!  What is the big deal if they like to play swords or guns or soccer?  Does it matter what they play with and how they play? I believe so.  That is why I plan to purposely dress them and train them for their role as girls, ladies, and women.  We talk often as we are playing together about how much I enjoy being their mommy and that I wouldn't be happy doing anything else.  Girlhood is short so make the most of it!
Here is a shot of Firefly getting ready for her 4th birthday.It's not the best 'do for her little bob but it allows me to add some pizazz up top for her big day.
1- With your rattail comb just part the hair slightly off center (or whatever your parting preference is) then, 2- collect two even sections from in front of the ears on each side.  3-Secure with elastics.  I find that I like to do this so that the style lasts all day.  Her hair remains secure and in place without the assistance of the bows.  They are just there to be the "icing on the cake" so to speak. 4- Add your bows or ribbon of choice and you are good to go.
I just love how these loopy bows turned out!  They are bright and cheery just like Firefly..
-The Homestylemom

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Accessory Aisle: Headbands II

Skill level -4, Time Factor -3, Cuteness Factor -3
So last week I vowed to find a way to keep a headband in my lil' lady's hair.  I've decided to try to weave it in place.  Firefly's hair bob is just too short for me to try to weave something into it so I used Ruby's thick, wavy tresses instead.  She's got the curly locks rather than the straight strands that this style would be more suited for, but here goes.  You will need several elastics, based on the number of sections you'd like to make.  We made 6 across the front. Instructions are below each photo.
1- Begin by parting the hair from ear to ear.  Pull back the remainder of the hair into a ponytail elastic to keep it out of your way.

2- Divide the front hair in half and get one side out of your way.

3- Separate each half into three sections that you secure close to the scalp with elastics.

4- Here are our 6 sections across the front.

5- Now place the headband in the hair.  Split the front two ponies in half and cross your two front center pieces over each other forming an X.

6-Secure these X'ed ponies into an elastic.  Use just a small section of hair from the crown.  Secure it closely to the headband in order to hide it and to keep from having the "slide up lumps" when you tighten them.
NOTE:  I should have used the elastics we have that match her hair color in order to avoid the stark contrast.  You really want the pony elastics to not show.

7- Continue to divide, X, and secure from the middle out until you are left with one remaining outside tail at each ear.
  8- Grab one final elastic and have her pull her hair up off her neck and hold.

9- Secure this section with an elastic at the nape of her neck.
10- You should have something that looks like this.  As you can see, the elastics contrast too much and the headband is too dark for her hair color.  It should have been lighter.
Thanks for your patience, Ruby.  You are a jewel!!
Now go enjoy your day with your headband in place!
-The Homestylemom

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Accessory Aisle: Headbands

My girls, especially Firefly, love to wear headbands.  I may be stubborn as a mule, but I really hate headbands!  I go through the trouble to get their hair all smooth and silky and then I carefully arrange the headband in their heads and away we go.  Moments later, the headband is out, being played with or repositioned, and she looks like her hair was never combed today.  I want the girls to wear and enjoy the lovely accessories I take the time to create for them, but I won't sacrifice them having ratty looking hair for that.  I am working on some 'dos that will be headband AND mom friendly.  I'll get back with those as soon as I can.  In the meantime, here are some of the headbands I've been working on.
These are just the plain grosgrain-wrapped headbands with interchangeable loops.

And here are some with the bows permanently attached.  They are so delicate and sweet and look great in the girls' hair.  I just need them to stay in like the hairbows do! Maybe I'll have to weave them in place...hmm?
-The Homestylemom

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Homestylemom Hairstyles for Girls

Welcome to my blog.  I am so blessed to be the mommy of two beautiful little girls.  I am enjoying motherhood and love dressing my little ladies in all things girly.  I especially love fixing their hair and putting them in hair bows.  Unfortunately, that love was getting expensive, so it was time for some DIY hair accessories.  Crafting and creating have always been favorite pursuits of mine so I decided to begin making bows and things for my girls and plan to share that here with you.  I have tons of ideas that I would love for you to stop back by soon to see.  I began selling my handmade creations in 2007 and it has been so much fun!   
Hope to see you often,
-The Homestylemom