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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Party Pigtails

I love my 2 little girls.  I love that they are girls.  I love that they play with girls... That is precisely what they are GIRLS!  What is the big deal if they like to play swords or guns or soccer?  Does it matter what they play with and how they play? I believe so.  That is why I plan to purposely dress them and train them for their role as girls, ladies, and women.  We talk often as we are playing together about how much I enjoy being their mommy and that I wouldn't be happy doing anything else.  Girlhood is short so make the most of it!
Here is a shot of Firefly getting ready for her 4th birthday.It's not the best 'do for her little bob but it allows me to add some pizazz up top for her big day.
1- With your rattail comb just part the hair slightly off center (or whatever your parting preference is) then, 2- collect two even sections from in front of the ears on each side.  3-Secure with elastics.  I find that I like to do this so that the style lasts all day.  Her hair remains secure and in place without the assistance of the bows.  They are just there to be the "icing on the cake" so to speak. 4- Add your bows or ribbon of choice and you are good to go.
I just love how these loopy bows turned out!  They are bright and cheery just like Firefly..
-The Homestylemom

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