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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Recital Hair UpDo with...Socks!!

You have seen my post about the sock buns, now see where they saved the day!  I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would have to use this 'do as a life-saver.  Many of you know that we homeschool.  Well, this particular Friday was a Field Trip day.  We spent the day downtown at the Capitol.  I knew we had the recital this same evening and had planned accordingly.  I left 3 hours before we needed to be  home to get ready...but Atlanta traffic struck.  Hard.  By the time we got  home I had to put my plans aside for Firefly's lovely updo and rely on socks instead.  Yes, they were clean!  I parted her hair and pulled it up into two smart-looking little sock buns.  I was all right with it and Firefly was pleased.  Her recital was a success and so was her hair.  Here is a peek at her onstage.  This reminded me of the Boy Scout Motto: Always be prepared.  With a few hairstyle tips and tricks in your arsenal, you will never need to worry about a bad hair day for your lil' lady.
Now go enjoy your day together!
-The Homestylemom

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