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Saturday, June 13, 2009

What's in Your Toolbox: Tools of the Trade

I have received several emails asking me, "What do you mean grab your toolbox"?  That is what I call my hairdo kit.  I learned early on with lil' lady number one that I need to have all my stuff that I use to do her hair in one place and that it would be really convenient if that "one place" could be portable.  Hence, the creation of my hairdo toolbox.  I could grab that and take it to the girls as they were playing without any big commotion and it was convenient for taking along when it was vacation time too.  Just grab and go.  Pictured is my much loved, much used divided basket with a handle.  I think this is actually meant for picnics.  You can choose whatever you have on hand.  I keep in it all the things I need for a successful hairstyle (except my heat-styling products.)   Here is a quick rundown of what I keep in mine:
1-Spray bottle: I use a trigger spray bottle filled with water to mist dry hair, for parting and to smooth fly aways.
2-Elastics: in a lidded container to control runaways. Two sizes.  Small clear or any color imaginable about the size of a dime.  Available in any Wal-mart, Target, etc.  These are cheap!!! 500 for $1 at the Dollar Tree.  Also, for longer hair or large ponytails I use the larger version that fits around your wrist to secure big bunches of hair.
3-Clips/clamps: like your hairstylist uses.  These are usually plastic and shaped like an alligator.  Use to clip hair out of your way or as an extra hand.
4-Curling Gel - love, love, love this for defining Ruby's natural curls. Garnier's Curl Sculpting Cream Gel.
5-Hair Spray - your choice. I am a big hair aerosol girl from the South.
6-Heat Protectant - again your choice.
7-Topsy Tail - yes, remember this.  If you can't do pull through pony knots get yourself one of these.  The kit comes with two sizes.  Referred to by me as TT.
8-Bobby Pins - self explanatory.  They hold best when x'ed over one another.
9-Leave In Conditioner - I use Infusium 23, put it in a spray bottle, and call it "Princess Potion."  So necessary if you've got a curly girl.
10- Paddle brush, rat tail comb, wet comb.
Collect these as you need them and you'll soon see what you need and what you don't.
-The Homestylemom

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